Spring 2014 Ushers in Celosia Orange

Pantone, the leader in assessing upcoming colors for the season, offers celosia orange as a color to incorporate into your wardrobe and décor, and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always loved a pop of orange, because truly this color lifts up the spirits and looks great on all skin tones as well as home accessories. We travel to Etsy.com for very economical inspiration:

1. A cute pillow the includes other Spring 2014 colors:

2. A modern print to hang over your couch or in your foyer:

3. White, cream or aquamarine colored curtains will pop with these orange pullbacks:

4. Updating mason jars is as easy as purchasing this reasonably priced one from etsy.com or painting them yourself for a new/old vase or a container to hold your kitchen utensils:

5. Even the smallest of details can deliver the biggest impact in a room, such as these light switch covers:

6. I am in love with this typewriter. What a classic piece, albeit a little impractical in today’s high tech world:

7. Beautiful and bright wall vases that are beautiful with or without flowers:

8. My hunch is this strong orange will be all over the runways all the way through late fall:

Do you agree with Pantone’s color pick? Share your thoughts and favorite color predictions.


One thought on “Spring 2014 Ushers in Celosia Orange

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