Jubilant Expectancy

Courtesy of Facebook, YourBeautifulLife.org, message by Louise Hay

Jubilant: ju•bi•lant
adjective: jubilant
1. feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.
Expectancy: ex•pect•an•cy
noun: expectancy; plural noun: expectancies
1. the state of thinking or hoping that something, esp. something pleasant, will happen or be the case.

To transcend a moment of unhappiness or an undesirable situation, we must hold on to jubilant expectancy of things to come. We should know that we can always rise above any situation, to forgive ourselves and others, and to hold steadfast to our purpose, with grace. We should know and expect the things we desire are able to come, maybe not easily all the time, but they are able to manifest. And, for that, we are triumphant. We can have great happiness of what has already manifested, and what is yet to manifest. This is how you keep your energetic vibration a match to what it is you wish to feel and receive in your life.


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