The Light Shines Through the Cracks of Your Pain

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi

God’s Light shines through the cracks of your pain, whether your hurt comes from emotional or physical trauma. The Light I am referring to is God’s gift. Spirit knows the pains that will move us into divine action. All we have to do is bear down and hold on to the faith that a healing is right on the other side of the pain we feel. We heal and grow the most when there is a wound. We did not come to this earth to slide by – we came here to be a Being of Light in a human experience. As we know, human experiences are not pain free, although they can be rich in loving encounters and moments of highs and lows. There’s also the saying that God loves cracked pots because more of his light can shine through. I’d like to add that more of The Spirit’s love can slip into the cracks, to make us stronger for ourselves and the others around us.

The pain you feel today can be your power for tomorrow. If we never had wounds to heal from, our spiritual growth would be stunted. It is your testimony of the pain you have that heals you and all who may come into contact with you. Rest assured that God’s plan and purpose for you is way bigger than the moments you have in pain and suffering. Just as we embrace and celebrate the moments of painless conditions of our lives, we should also embrace the pain. Accept this is a season in your life and thank God for it. To be in pain, is to be human and for that, we have a lot to be thankful for.

-Kimberly Jo Cooley, Curator of all things spiritual


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