Top 10 Podcasts for Law of Attraction, New Thought and Life Enrichment

Image courtesy of Iamnee, published on 19 May 2013, from

Image courtesy of Iamnee, published on 19 May 2013, from

Podcasts are just as plentiful and fun to indulge in as blogs, only you can listen to them in your car, at work, or just about anywhere for a quick dose of inspiration. The following Podcasts can be located on iTunes and I strongly recommend them for improving all areas of your life. My life has been truly transformed by the following hosts:

  1. Constance Arnold’s Think Believe and Manifest Show. This is the hardest working life coach in the Podcastophere. While others were vacationing during the holiday break, Constance hosted a show during the week leading into New Year’s. She has a deep, southern drawl that draws you in and the guests she has are the leaders in New Thought and the Law of Attraction movement. This week’s show titled, “New Year Mindset for 2014,” provides life changing principles that are easy to implement. Check her out on iTunes or at her website at
  2. Rae Zander of Everyday Attraction. I love Rae. She has an amazing grasp on all things Law of Attraction, New Thought, and the Unity Principles and an ability to break down the high flying concepts to bite sizeable portions for “everyday” folks. Join her as she sits on her “metaphysical porch” and discuss a variety of topics with her co-host. You can find Rae’s blog, as well as other providers of her Podcast, such as Stitcher and Unity Radio at
  3. Janice Campbell of Receive Your Life. Janice used to be a co-host on Everyday Attraction, which is how I found her wonderful show. She invites guests on her show and they discuss an issue in their life, and she gives them loads of food for thought with a New Thought spin. She has recently changed the format of her show, inviting guests on to discuss all topics pertaining to Law of Attraction, New Thought, and Unity principles or she provides an entire hour on teaching on a topic. All in all, she’s a great resource for gaining a better understanding of how to remove the layers of ill-fitting beliefs and replacing them with powerful thoughts. Check out her website at
  4. Summer McStravick of Flowdreaming. In my Recommendations and Shout Out page, I discussed Summer’s Flowdreaming MP3s on weight loss and self love, but she also hosts a weekly Podcast, on a variety of subjects and guides us into an on air Flowdream on the day’s topic each show. She takes calls from callers who have a plethora of questions on life, love, work and money. Summer has the ability to empathetically feel what another person is experiencing, and for that alone, her show is gold. Summer has built a comprehensive website that is a must see, please check her out at
  5. Reverend Kevin Ross of Design Your Life. A local legend of Sacramento, Rev Kev, as he’s affectionately known, is a minister of a Sacramento Unity Church and he has great guests on his show, from spiritual leaders, to life coaches, to experts who discusses everyday issues with a Spiritual and New Thought foundation. He is funny and his show is one of the best quality Podcasts I’ve listened to. Check out his show times at
  6. Matt and Phil Show (LOA Radio). A refreshingly funny show hosted by two great guys who knows a thing or two about the Law of Attraction and Metaphysics. They tackle subjects honestly and I find their discussions and guests they host life affirming and enjoyable to listen to. They have a long roster of past shows that you can tap into to hear anything Law of Attraction and say, sex, or relationships, money, career, and so forth. A must listen to Podcast for those who want to learn how to apply it practically and meaningfully in their lives. Their website is
  7. Lynn Crocker of Create Your Reality. A Northern Californian native and life coach, Lynn Crocker has recently captured my attention for having thirty minute Podcasts with some of the most enlightening guests on her show. One of my favorite shows was on the topic of using powerful thoughts to create your reality. Lynn’s website is
  8. JJ, Terry and Belki of Live Out Loud Monday’s. This is a great show with a lot of energy and perfect for Monday mornings. I recently stumbled onto this Podcast, and very glad I did. Check out JJ’s blog, which also discusses the Podcast show at
  9. Reverend Heidi Alfrey of Let’s Get Naked. I love her tagline on her website, “Transparent Living Ministries,” and her show really delves into living an authentic life. To get to know Rev. Heidi better (aside from listening to her Podcast) check her out at
  10. Carla McClellan of Vibrant Living: Life Coaching With Carla. I enjoyed Coach Carla’s most recent Podcast, “Beginning the New Year!” Anything to get me amped up over the new year is a wonderful kick in the butt. I am always a fan of experts being guests on shows, and Carla has us covered. For a schedule of times to tune in, go to

Podcasts have really helped me in my spiritual journey. I am sure you will find a go-to Podcast that will inspire you to live and be your absolute best. I’d love to hear from you on which Podcasts are the best.

-Curator of all things inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley


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