Resistance Reminds Us

Image courtesy of moggara12, published on 15 January 2014  Stock Photo - image ID: 100227273, from

Image courtesy of moggara12, published on 15 January 2014
Stock Photo – image ID: 100227273, from

See the rocky path in the picture? You see a tree in your path you’ll have to overcome. The path is ascending, getting steeper and the stones are tricky to walk on. You can see the tree’s roots jut through the stone, and the tree itself is large and all consuming this section of the path. You may choose to step over the roots, or even go around the tree. Your journey may be a little longer because of the reroute, but it is never something to regret. What matters most, is you mentally and physically on the other side of that tree, steadily moving upward and onward.

Resistance is a reminder that we are not in alignment within and outside of ourselves (more on what “alignment” feels and looks like in a future blog). Resistance can either be an ever present sense of anxiety and worry, or it can be those things and much more. Resistance is also a natural part of life – a gift to remind us if we want relief from a given situation, all we have to do is readjust and move towards a different path to alignment.

What areas in your life has a lot of resistance? Is it in relationships, family ties, career, health, or money? If you have any sort of angst when you think of an area in your life, chances are there is a growing knot of resistance there, trying to steer you to an easier path.

An example of resistance: someone trying to purchase a home and they keep running into roadblocks, such as financing falling through, the inspection finding a significant issue with the house’s foundation, a storm sweeps in rain that floods the first floor. Every obstacle is there, yet the ego mind keeps telling you to push through. What will your family and friends think if the deal falls through?

What is on the other side of resistance for the person who can’t will themselves into that home they fixated on? Perhaps a bigger, more beautiful house? How about a house with a small mortgage? Or one in a better neighborhood than the one you’ve set your sights on?

God Spirit knows your heart, what you can handle and what’s best for you – and knows the intention you sent out to the Universe to be fulfilled. God has the ability to see a better, higher way for you than what your tunnel vision has focused on. God gives you the gift of resistance, so you can have intuition whispering when it’s time to move on.

It’s important to recognize whether your ego is speaking to you, or your inner God advising you. Your inner voice will guide you to take pause, look and feel where you’re at and redirect your energy and focus. Ego will tell you to continue pushing no matter what, while the inner guide in you will say, “hey, let’s take a look at this – why so much resistance in this area?”

Resistance is the Universe’s way of expressing to stop bumping your toes on the same rocky step. We all can be hell bent on going in that one and only direction. Resistance is a push to awaken you to other options, to bigger and better alignment with that which you want.  

~Your Curator of all things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley


6 thoughts on “Resistance Reminds Us

  1. Hi.
    I do enjoy reading posts that speak of awareness from – here is something that I wonder about how you may interpret it:
    As long as most of us believe that the outer world is our source for reality, we are resisting against the imaginations of multitudes not only of the living but also of those of past lives and in my thinking of this even against the multitudes of future thoughts that seem to us not yet out there – but they are in here. To become one in “I Am, that I Am” then resonance attention must of the ‘I am’ as a witness to the other and the other and the other and so on; not as a sequence of events – as awakening to what is and always was and to stillness. The countless almost endless reflections that permeate all space-time by way in memories of ineffable vastness of experience, and ever in a singularity of the one now is incomprehensible and of course it occurs in a single now and always has and always will – all quicker than an eye blink – impossible to resist – all quicker even than a mind. Only Mind may comprehend this and thus, finding the elusive but always everyplace and everything at-oneness means to me that the only way out is through.

    Thank you Kim,
    ~ Eric

    • Some deep Universal yumminess you’ve just shared! It’s like the technology we presently have as humans need to upgrade to the next level (1.0 to 2.0) in order to really grasp the layers we’ve created – all through the observer’s eye. People look to the outside to tell them how and what to feel, instead of moving and being the inside out. There is immense power in knowing that we’re creating our moments to moments, all unfolding the way we choose to see it. You speak words of wisdom – it is almost too much for our minds to wrap around and grasp. The vastness of it all – the memories coalescing with the present and the future. It is as expansive as we want it to be. And, Mind (the collective Mind of God and Our Mind, together) is what we have that connects all of us and all that is. The present is just that – a gift in which we can center our minds on that we wish to experience in the next moment. All that we need to understand is already in us – imagine that? It’s just a matter of realizing. The delicious morsel of this earthly journey is moment to moment we’re having a new experience, a new opportunity to expand, all created from us. Bless you for your above comment – thank you.


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