Battle of the Styles: Bohemian versus Whimsical Living Rooms

It is *finally* raining in Northern California, I’m house bound, so it’s time for a little décor roundup. This week’s battle of styles is a rematch between bohemian and whimsical, only this time we take a peek at various living rooms. What’s your favorite?


Modern day Boho Chic. I’m a huge fan of extra seating in the form of floor pillows. A tell tale sign of Bohemian is lots of different patterned pillows. White walls allow the accessories to pop. Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of and

My bohemian couch with my little bohemian daughter.

Love a turquoise wall…bohemian spread over the couch with a collection of photos in different frames, exquisite and wild. Image courtesy of


Whimsy color scheme – love the quote wall and the quilt over the white couch. Image courtesy of Copyright © Little Miss Momma, from

The playful dog pillows compliment the dark slate gray walls…love the playful elements in concert with the sophisticated furniture pieces. Image courtesy of Village at

My idea of whimsical…different patterns…the touches of whimsy are throughout this room, right down to the curly lamp. Image courtesy of, also on

Love the picture of the word “Love.” The pops of color against the pale blue is classic whimsy. Gorgeous image from

The accessories make the whimsy statement – a squirrel porcelain statue, some pops of turquoise and a repurposed end table – golden! Image courtesy of

~Curator of all things Beautiful, Kimberly Jo Cooley


4 thoughts on “Battle of the Styles: Bohemian versus Whimsical Living Rooms

  1. I like the “Boho Chic” style with a little of the W Hotel mixed in to make things more comfy. 🙂 So I lean more Bohemian. Love the pic of your daughter! So cute. I will swing through your rooms here. I need to upgrade my home’s interior (we have pets, so they are hard on furniture! I spend most of my off time vacuuming!), so I will get some ideas. Take care! D

    • Thank you! Ella, my daughter, was hiding from the camera. I agree with you on the “Boho Chic” style with the tailoring of a W Hotel flair. I, too have some redecorating in my future. I don’t have pets, but I have kids and they’ve had a run of my place for awhile :-). I love how we can now have access to an endless supply of inspiration for decorating. So many DIY projects and easy ways to update a space can be found on the internet (thank goodness!). Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Many thanks and blessings, Kim

      • Blessings and peace to you, as well. I think we can have it all without having the “pressure” to have it all. That is the difference between now and yesterday. Just my humble opinion. There must always be balance and priority-setting, but we must never sell ourselves short 🙂

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