Being in Alignment Hasten Your Blessings Part 4

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono, published on 04 May 2010 Stock Image - image ID: 10016066, from

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono, published on 04 May 2010 Stock Image – image ID: 10016066, from

Life is easier when you’re in alignment than when you’re not. Not only is it easier for you, it becomes easier for the Universe to be in alignment in providing for you and answering your prayers. When your conduit to God is flowing, then it is easy for you to be an inlet and outlet to all that you are manifesting.

There is a Universal flow and it is moving, no matter what you’re focusing on. Picture yourself standing next to a fast flowing river and all the things you want and don’t want swirl about. When you focus on what you want to glean from that river’s flow, you will become a magnet to it and have aligned with the Universal Mind. What you don’t want is also floating in your flow, and if you’ve aligned to it, it will come to pass in your life.

Be careful not to wish for something, for wishing is only focusing on the lack of not having it already. Instead, know what you’ve prayed and desired is created, waiting for you, just as you are waiting for it. Allow things to come to you in its own time, and trust that it will. It is that trust, faith and knowing that will HASTEN your blessing. That is a powerful distinction between wishing and manifesting.

What you’re manifesting is being created moment, by moment, all trying to get to you as soon as possible.

Imagine a cluttered, clogged conduit – probably difficult for things to move in and out of. Now, imagine a conduit open, pure and clear and how much easier it is for things to move to and through you.

You’ve built momentum going down stream. Now, picture yourself trying to go upstream, against the river’s flow, momentum is slowed to a crawl. Which is easier? You could choose to go upstream (the flow of least desire), or choose to go downstream (the flow of high desire).

Build momentum in the direction you want your life to go. Momentum is like an avalanche – it starts out a small pebble and rolls into a gigantic ball, rolling and collecting everything in its path. Take baby steps toward your desires. Eventually, your baby steps avalanche into something big.  

Ever wonder why celebrities or the wealthy seem to get more and more of what they want? It’s not because they are lucky, it’s because they’ve built momentum in the direction they wanted their life to go. They’ve exercised their faith muscles to the tenth power. That is also why it can be catastrophic for a celebrity on a downward spiral because their momentum is used to moving at a fast rate of speed.

A personal example: I’ve been very distracted at work lately. I kept focusing on the distractions and how I wasn’t getting anything done. I decided to change my focus onto being successful in increasing my productivity. I spent a few moments just feeling what it would feel like to be successful in increasing my work output. The next day, I increased my productivity, even with an occasional distraction. I took the focus away from what I don’t want and shifted it to what I do want.

In matters of the heart, alignment helps you to attract and retain loved ones in your life.  All you have to do is be the love you wish to have and align to feelings of love. When you’re out of alignment, all you can think about are the obstacles in attracting, being compatible and retaining a mate. When you’re in alignment with the flow of life, love (in all forms!) comes easily to you. The solutions to making a relationship work come effortlessly – it becomes easier to go with the flow in relationships.

Your mind is a receptor and effector, receiving information and sending it back out to the Universe. When you’re out of alignment, your thoughts begin to send mixed messages to the Universe, resulting in mixed or undesirable results manifested on the physical plane.

Take a few moments each day to focus in on whether or not you’re in the flow of your life, living out your highest good. If you’re not, then ask yourself “what have I been focusing on?” Shift your focus to the desire and away from the distraction. Have faith your blessings are on their way to you. From there, you are well on your way to experiencing alignment in your flow of life and be ready to see instant results.

~Your Curator of all things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley


2 thoughts on “Being in Alignment Hasten Your Blessings Part 4

  1. excellent advice to focus on what I do want == its best to notice that what I do not want may hound me until I decide consciously, I want something and this bothersome distraction or inner complaint about myself and others is the ego;it loves to dwell on the past,,, it can’t help this,,, this is where it lives. When the ego’s thoughts are dwelling on the past its time to draw anew upon awareness of mindfulness of the moment; gratitude, peaceful memories, inspirations, breathing; for me, stillness and inner peace allow me to reconnect with my joyful self. I feel intelligence operates silently. So,for me that is a good place to begin clearing myself of any ego regrets and negativity. Getting in the flow is easiest when we become experts so it takes practice.
    Apparently, we all need lots of time for managing our time and purpose — there are so many books and now videos and audio books in related areas that I guess this law of attraction busines is one of the most important things to come to know.
    Thanks Kim
    ~ Eric

    • Oh, I love your statement, “When the ego’s thoughts are dwelling on the past its time to draw anew upon awareness of mindfulness of the moment; gratitude, peaceful memories, inspirations, breathing…” Ain’t that the truth!! Thank you for reminding us of the power of stillness and mindfulness. In this busy, highly connected world, people lose sight of the necessity of stillness and being one with their own thoughts – I’m certainly guilty of it. But, I am going to take heed to your advice and spend just even ten minutes in stillness. You’re right – it seems there’s an endless supply of books, videos, Podcasts, and really, we probably all know deep inside what we need to thrive and move through this experience. And yep, Law of Attraction is big business, lol. I guess it resonates with people and is not as committal as say, joining a religion. As always, it’s great chatting with you. I love these connections in the Blogosphere :-D.
      Thank you Eric,

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