Just Be and Let Others Be

– exploring ways to be present and non-judgmental in every circumstance and situation.

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When you remove the worry of the future and stop fretting and focusing on the past, you allow yourself and/or the person in your presence to grow up to a higher level of being, just by focusing on the present. Remember, our power lies in the Now. It is what we do and feel in the present that creates the future. Why hold on to past pains and hurts, just to carry it into the future?

When you remain focused on one’s less desirable qualities and the past hurts they’ve afflicted, you are placing your energy to that which you don’t want and living in the past.

Fundamentally, there is a loss of faith when one engages in not letting others be where they are in their journey. Or, not accepting where you are in your own journey.

Allow faith into your heart and trust that all things work out for the Greater Good. That state of being will wash over you and all who come into contact with you.

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, what you focus on is what you receive. If you are focusing on the negative in a person, then more of that will manifest on the physical plane. If you celebrate even the slightest of a positive attribute, more of that positivity will unfold into your experience.

People can change, moment to moment, but it will not be because you’re nagging, begging or fighting them into transition. People change when they are ready to change. That change can happen overnight, or it can take a lifetime or two.

You can always set the space and distance between you and that person, even if you’re married (or divorced and broken up). The space and distance I am referring to is not physical, but instead spiritual and emotional. No longer will you be the instigator of fights over change because you will accept them for who they are and where they are in their journey right now. Or, you will get to a point in your own journey where it’s time to grow on and upward.

If you find you can’t be around a person because their present state is not in alignment with where you want them to be, remember, they have a journey to walk, too. Your focus must ALWAYS be on where YOU want to be. All you can do is hold on to your peace and not lower your vibrational energy to the less desirable, but to maintain the knowing that you and all around you is rising up.

We hear the saying, “live and let live,” but are we doing this with our spouses, children, parents, exes, friends and co-workers? Or, are we sticking our judgmental noses in everyone’s business or up in the air in judgment? Let judgment go – it serves no one and it most certainly will not elevate. It only keeps the energy surrounding that relationship stagnant.

To be in the present means to focus on the very moment that is before you – not the past, not the future.

Infuse love in any and every situation. When you’re having a difficult time with a person or situation, ask yourself, “how can I bring love into this situation?” Love is the cooling salve that heals us all. Self love and Universal love has to be the center of your heart and your experience.

~Your Curator of all things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley


3 thoughts on “Just Be and Let Others Be

  1. Good post for me today — Hi Kimberly; there is a certain person not so often in my life that is on my avoid him list… its a very short list; but it has some power that lowers my energy because of my stubbornness. I know exactly why — expectations. I expect him to be irritating and mentally and spiritual devoid of basic courteousness. Fortunately I’m aware of it. Sheesh, “live and let live;” good advice. I can rid myself of the “sheesh-ness” and create some loving compassion for my acquaintance. That will be a best use of me and I do know it too — that given time, there will begin a positive momentum for both of us or my acquaintance will begin to avoid me. So, I thank you for posting today on this topic.
    ~ Eric

    • Hi Eric, Thank you and Blessings to you! I found myself nodding in understanding, because I, too could benefit from looking at my own expectations of people. When I write my spiritual blog posts, it is because I am in need of the very lessons I write about. I had to exercise this understanding with co-workers recently, and once I had a shift, things got better for all of us. I’ve had to do this on deeper relationships, such as with my own father. Like you said, it’s when you come from a place of love and compassion, it looks a lot different than your sight before the emotional shift of love and compassion. Thank you so much for reading and sharing, very much appreciated. – Kim

  2. yes, the review of the past is necessary to get free of emotional upsets and stubbornness and so on.by allowing / accepting. Its a good thing that we write about it
    ~ Eric

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