Are We Having Fun Yet?


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles, published on 12 March 2014 Stock Image - image ID: 100246972, from

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles, published on 12 March 2014 Stock Image – image ID: 100246972, from

Do you enjoy the puzzles in your life, moving the pieces as you are intuitively guided to do?

Or, are you railing against every moment?

On the other hand, are you passively living life, not making any decisions or letting life pass you by as you tune in to electronics/drugs/food/gambling and tune out life?

Or, are you floating with ease?

As each new situation bobs into your stream, do you splash and push it away, or do you allow it to come close to you?

Are you afraid of what comes into your stream, forgetting that you called upon the very things that have come to you?

Or, are you amused by what you see and tickled by the opportunity to bring it into your existence?

When we are creating life, not only are we creating the puzzle pieces, but the puzzles themselves. It is not outside forces creating your experiences – it is your thoughts and beliefs shaping your experiences, all before it manifests on the physical plane.

The great illusion is everything external or outside of our bodies is shifting and shaping us, but it is always the other way around – your moment to moment thoughts and states of being is what’s creating your reality.

Even when adversity is playing out in your present moment, have fun with it. Say, “This situation has come into my life. I see it and recognize the gift that it is. What building blocks rise from this gift?”

Your present situation is really a building block to the life you want. You may as well have a good time as you are building! Be glad for the experience of having puzzles to solve in your life and if you’re tired of trying to figure things 0ut – relax! Ask questions, and allow the answers to come to you. Stop focusing on why things are hard – you believing this situation is difficult is a major part of why it is! Instead, focus on other things in your life that came with ease and if necessary, list them, so you can be reminded of how quickly and easily you manifest things and situations that you do love and want around you.

Being happy and grateful for all your experiences is laying down the foundation of joy that will sustain all that you build on top of it.

All things are moving me towards my greater and higher good, including this present situation. I move through this present situation with ease and grace, oftentimes with a genuine smile on my face.

~Your Curator of all Things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley


3 thoughts on “Are We Having Fun Yet?

  1. “The great illusion is everything external or outside of our bodies is shifting and shaping us, but it is always the other way around – your moment to moment thoughts and states of being is what’s creating your reality.”
    This is very difficult to recall – often. The illusion of space-time is compelling often… also even though desire is essential, this gets bound up in the past and projection rather that conviction now – and drawn from the the past it seems lost that there is a now that continues.

    • Hi Eric~ It is very difficult to see and move through! I can definitely attest to it, because I am having my own moments of dealing with the “great illusion.” Our past and present beliefs and experiences gets jammed up with our desires for the future. In moments of stress, we can remember we have power in the present. Power to change our minds on beliefs and to envision something better. It helps to pray/meditate on quieting patterns that seem to appear constantly in our lives. I always look forward to your comments, so rich with insight – thank you!

  2. We know that the now is connected to the eternal and regenerative positive energies. The past memories of experiences may represent limitations – resistance thereby limiting now… in reality therefore, we may say, we are getting exactly what we are asking for from the universe. I post the Dyer and Chopra success tips because they address these… I have Abraham chapters as well that I will post.

    The thing that you and I need is meditation and affirmation and the continuing opening and flow of awareness. I want to loosen the resistance and connect more to positive energy… to willingness to God’s will – to the eternal. If I keep at it, the resistance will continue to loosen – I thought not so long ago that I must make up for the past… wow – that was the beginning of an awakening that had not to do with what it seemed as I look back to that glimmer of the truth. I really needed to return to the positive regenerative energy source. Positive energy is all about me – in fact, it makes me. In the material universe there is contrast… I wonder if they told us that when we asked to come here.

    So, I got good at knowing what I do’t want – now I must think about what I do want and ask for it wholly.

    Progress is continuing… I do something every day and I concentrate more of my present moments in what I want and being compassion and love.

    Its good to have WordPress community with so many pulses – it helps me focus that I more readily want to make progress and let go resistance.

    I thank you Kimberly… we need great luxury and we continue.

    ~ Eric

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