Tribal Inspiration

Tribal shirt at Denios Fleamarket for $15! Super comfortable, too.

I am in love with my colorful flea market purchased tribal top. It can be dressed up with some white or black pants, or casual in blue denim jeans. For $15, I’ve got a versatile top to wear with gold, wood, or leather accessories.

Already a favorite top of mine.

~Your Curator of all things Beautiful, Kimberly Jo Cooley





7 thoughts on “Tribal Inspiration

  1. Yes indeed, you look great! I love it! It looks like something I would wear for sure if I ever found one at the right cost. It’s looks comfortable for sure, relaxed, versatile and it in a material that’s forgiving. You wear it well Kimberly! Who know’s I might luck up this upcoming weekend when I visit the City Market and the Swap Shop and find something like it. Thanks for sharing;=)


  2. I love that top! It is very chic and so you! Looks comfy too. Such amazing treasures you can find at a flea market. Know of any other good ones in Northern CA?

    • Hi Jenn~ Thank you! It is indeed, very comfy :-). I think you just gave me a blog idea! I will research and write an upcoming blog on some great flea markets and swap meets in Northern California – heck, maybe I could even tour a few. If I do find some great ones, I will be sure to share. Thanks,

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