Default Creating, Part Four

Image courtesy of prozac1, published on 17 May 2010 Stock Photo - image ID: 10016666, from

Image courtesy of prozac1, published on 17 May 2010 Stock Photo – image ID: 10016666, from

Default creating is when we do not set an intention on what we’d like to create, and instead, our random, unchecked thoughts guides and shapes our experiences. It is not to say that all random thoughts are bad or that intentional thoughts are good. But, you will have a much smoother ride in life if you are setting your focus and intention on what you do wish to create, rather than going on the whims of outside forces and random thoughts.

There is never a wasted moment, thought, or situation. Whether we perceive a thought as negative or positive, there is wisdom, insight and guidance in that thought, shaping and molding our experience. The contrast that we feel when we have an undesirable experience is just guiding us towards what we do want to create.

We are dynamic expressions living in a dynamic Universe. There are moments when what we deliberately created represented what we wanted at that time. There are instances where we have created by not doing anything, or operating in default mode.

We gain new information and new insight, which may result in adjusting and realigning to new ways of being and thinking. God knows your true desires and you should know that nothing you’ve created is not a blessing to you. Even when you’ve deliberately created good health, and now you have a disease. The disease is a gift, whether you deliberately created or whether old thought patterns and beliefs brought it to you.

Here are some signs that you’re operating in default mode:

  • There is no time in your day, even five minutes, where you are quieting the mind and focusing in on what you want.
  • Many, unexpected and disturbing events, from minor to major pop up in your life and you can’t pinpoint how or why they appeared.
  • Your emotions are high and low, and especially is swayed by outside influences.

What is very helpful is we can always turn off the default mode and start setting intentions on what we’d like to create right now, so that the next second, minute, day, week, and so on is what we’d like to see unfold, instead of random manifestations.

There will always be some contrast in our lives because not all of thoughts and emotions cannot be checked, and that’s okay. It’s how you manage the contrast in your life that shapes how your deliberate creation will unfold for you.

Homework: Check out the book, “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This a great foundational piece to understanding the relationship or yin/yang of Deliberate Creation and Allowing.

~Your Curator of all Things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley


2 thoughts on “Default Creating, Part Four

  1. My dear Kim,
    Some may say you are offering us nothing original, but I see you fighting in the face of all the deliberate destruction in our world, against a state of affairs that seeks to keep us trapped in the illusion of complete personal powerlessness, and I know that you do have your struggles and your worries for yourself and for your family, and amidst all this darkness I see the unique light of this beloved soul spreading out the message that we ARE much-needed light for our fellow travelers in our collective journey of life, co-creators of reality in direct contact with the Divine.
    Please keep it up, my heart sister. There is too much darkness and You are immensely appreciated!
    I cannot do the homework because we have too little money even for our basic sustenance, but I have recently become familiar with the Hicks’s work through some free online material, and I thank you for the confirmation that this couple and the Abraham entities are not simply selling us what we want to hear. We cannot afford to be throwing away the baby with the bathwater just because there is too much charlatanry and deceit going around.

    Your recent liking our About Us page is for me a crystal-clear prayer for which I embrace you in gratitude.
    Blessings and love,

    • Hi Leon! Thank you so, so much for your loving words. I could use some positivity and light this week. I haven’t been able to get to my personal computer this week to say – THANK YOU!

      I can understand why some people succumb to the darkness, from a lack of understanding the truth of who they are and why they are here. Sometimes, it may seem easier just to believe that life is stacked up against us, but you and I know there is so much more.

      I stumbled upon the Hicks about four years ago. At first I was like, “What is this?” Before my spiritual awakening, I would write off people who claimed they were channels. After my awakening, everyone and everything seemed to hold wisdom, ways for me to look at things with new eyes. I now listen to Podcasts that discusses the Hicks information.

      I’m so grateful for the wonderful Being of Light that you are. Sending you blessings and love your way.

      Ever Thankful,


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