Transcendental Hitchhiking

Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat, published on 13 March 2014, Stock Photo - image ID: 100247434, from

Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat, published on 13 March 2014, Stock Photo – image ID: 100247434, from

Very often I find myself experiencing serendipitous moments and will notice a theme emerging.

In this case, the theme emerged was hitchhiking. I realized God was speaking to me in a way for me to understand what He’s trying to say about where I am spiritually.

I rarely see hitchhikers. In one day, I saw four! A woman and three men, on different occasions. I merged onto Interstate 5, a highway I rarely travel on, and not only did I see yet another hitchhiker, I was traveling behind a semi-tractor trailer with a blue cursive label scrawled on the large rear door, “The Hitchhiker.” And, that’s when I knew God was having His say.

I asked my husband what the hitchhiker symbol could mean, what was the underlying message? My husband thought hitchhiking had to do with facing your fears as both the driver and the passenger. There is a level of trust in the unknown and the deliverance of all to come that makes hitchhiking very much like having your faith in God and the God in others.

When I looked at what was going on in my life, I realized I was in a moment where I was relying on God, one moment or “ride” at a time. It was all an adventure. I had to hitch a ride, to get to my destination, trusting that I would arrive and in the process, be enlightened and titillated with the journey.

I know the general direction of where I want to go. I hitch my faith and trust in God to carry me closer and closer to my destination. There is uncertainty and wonderment on where I may end up, but I trust that my Driver will get me close, if not all the way to my destination.

What if God’s love and deliverance is like hitchhiking? Each of us having the faith and trust that He’ll give us the ride we need and want. The alternative is to never hitch a ride, to sit and wait for some bus that may never come. Or, we can signal to the Universe that we trust and are ready to go.

~Your Curator of all Things Spiritual, Kimberly Jo Cooley