One Green Blouse and Two Pairs of Jeans

Dark denim washed jeans with one of my favorite green blouses. Gold hoops, colorful and gold bangles, and tribal patterned sandals finish off the look.

Same green blouse, but bleached washed jeans.

I’m often asked what’s the “in” denim color to wear this season.  I am happy to report anything goes for denim color.

The above pictures illustrate how the same green blouse can be worn with either dark or light denim.

You can update your wardrobe by mixing up your denim colors with your favorite tops and accessories. Dark denim has a different feel than light, so play with the different looks and have fun with it.

What’s your favorite denim color and go-to denim look?

~Your Curator of All Things Denim and Stylish, Kimberly Jo Cooley


5 thoughts on “One Green Blouse and Two Pairs of Jeans

  1. Nothing like a cute and versatile top! Looks great with both denim colors. I really like those light colored jeans! I’ve been trying to up my denim inventory but, sigh, it’s tough being a tall girl. Gap has the best denim options in tall sizes but are overpriced and Old Navy has excellent prices but the goods are hit or miss once you try put them on. What’s a tall girl to do? 🙂

    • Hi There~ I hear you on trying to find tall jeans for tall girls. You’re right – Gap does have beautiful, tall jeans, but they are a bit expensive. Old Navy is another option, but they seem to run out of the tall sizes because other tall girls scoop them up. Have you checked out lately? They are another go-to website because they cater to all sizes – including tall, plus size and petite sizes. I have a deep appreciation for dark denim’s slimming ways, but I am falling in love with the carefree look of light denim. Thanks for stopping by and chatting with me :-).

      • Oh, yes ALLOY! I completely forgot about them. They have so many cute and trendy styles in Tall sizes that are also (insert horns blowing) AFFORDABLE! Thanks for the reminder. I like how they have a variety of trendy styles. O.N. does too sometimes but they all manage to have a mom-jean aura to them LOL!

      • Hi Jenn! Your latest comment cracked me up! Love the horns blowing and you are so right! O.N. does sometimes have a mom-jean aura going on!! Alloy is my go-to place when it’s time for new jeans.

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