How to Redecorate with No Money

Great tips on redecorating with items already in your possession and for small, budget friendly ways to spruce up a piece of furniture. Thanks Home For Now!

September Four Interiors


I know a lot of what stopped me from decorating our house in the past was the fact that a decorating budget just did not exist. I remember when we moved to Florida (from Philadelphia where I did zero decorating) my mom gave me a set of four frames. I was so excited that I immediately put some family pictures in them and hung them on the wall.

And honestly — that’s where I got bit by the decorating bug. I had always loved making things pretty — but I thought it took a ton of cash to get the look I wanted. But those free frames started the wheels turning in my head. I looked around for other free things that I could make into something beautiful.

Over the years — I’ve figured out ways to decorate our home with little to no money. Trust me it’s very possible.

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2 thoughts on “How to Redecorate with No Money

  1. These are super great ideas! I, too, often look at the spaces in my home wishing they would magically reinvent themselves into my dream rooms. But what always stops me in my tracks? MONEY! I love all of these suggestions especially swapping out different pieces in your home to get a brand new- and FREE!- look. And I also love yard sales and flea markets as you can score great finds for next to nothing. And never be too proud to keep an eye out for things left on the street marked free. My kitchen dining chairs came from some frivolous soul who had put them out on trash day. They were in excellent condition and just so happened to be a perfect match to my dining table- SCORE! 🙂

    • Hi Jenn~ Yes, the best decorating pieces are the ones that get second lives in our homes! Re-using and repurposing things is not only good for our décor but good for the environment. I bet the folks who left those perfect chairs curbside would be happy to know their pieces are being well loved to this day. Thanks for dropping by :-).

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