Cutting the Cable Cord…

Image courtesy of Discarded Television by artur84, from

Image courtesy of Discarded Television by artur84, from

I’m a 1980s baby, grew up in the MTV, in the cable television era. My parents always had cable television. So, I, too had cable TV in my own home. There were brief moments in my early twenties when I couldn’t scrounge up enough cable bill money to pay on a regular basis. But, I always factored the high cost of cable in my monthly budget and rarely went without it.

Well, all that ends now. After receiving yet another $175 bill from Uverse for my cable and internet, I had enough. The high cost of cable was a drain on my monthly budget and on my life. I decided it was time to consider letting cable go.

I went to Facebook to ask for insight from folks who cut the cord long ago. Many wondered why I hadn’t done this a long time ago. Others sympathized and admitted they missed their cable from time to time. Overall, I got a sense many felt more liberated and certainly their pocketbooks were fatter from not spending so much on this expense.

As a writer, television is a killjoy and I already know this. But, there’s something so satisfying about going home from a stressful job and escaping into television world. Instead of reading books and writing, I was watching TV, and lots of it. The only way I could change was not making it so easy to watch my television shows.

I called Uverse to remove cable and was told if I did, I would be charged a $165 early termination fee, regardless if I kept my internet with them. I was pissed off at Uverse, but mostly myself. I could have cut cable off last month, but I had to lock myself into yet another contract. I had finally talked myself into disconnecting cable, only to be faced with another decision. Do I just keep basic cable until next June or pay the outrageous early termination fee?

I decided to drop to basic cable and when I’m ready to stomach paying the early termination fee, I would. Fortunately, the fee goes down $15 every month. My plans to go cold turkey on my cable addiction didn’t go quite as planned. The plus side to having basic cable is I still get to watch a beloved local morning show, Good Day Sacramento for a little while longer.

I feel foolish paying all that money for so many years. Now I know better. I fantasize about how my life would be richer without cable and I instantly feel lighter and happier.

I was shopping in Walmart and a Direct TV sales rep asked me who was my cable provider. I said, “It was Uverse.” He asked me what I was paying then asked who I was going to go with now. I told him I am eliminating cable and using only the internet to watch TV, when I had time. He shrank back to his table and raised his hands in surrender. I almost asked him who he had for cable, but kept pushing my cart to the checkout lines. I already knew the answer. He wasn’t a sucker for cable anymore, either!

As I write this, none of my favorite shows are on and I’ve been writing away at my computer. I’ve only been away from cable for almost a week, but I’m not missing it.

What I learned through this experience is I saw what looked like a problem – high cable bills – and turned it into a way to connect with others, to enhance my life by finding creative ways to get entertained, while also finding balance. I found there is more time for meditation and reflection. And, I got a lower cable bill after all.

I am more abundant now than when I was paying the highest cost of cheap entertainment. Sometimes it takes a ridiculously high cable bill to demonstrate what needs to be adjusted in one’s life, and for that I am grateful.

~Your Curator of All Things Abundant, Kimberly Jo Cooley


3 thoughts on “Cutting the Cable Cord…

  1. Hi Kimberly I could so relate to your post and so glad you could find the gift in your ridiculously high cable bill lol. I grew up in a family that watches a lot of TV, even during family meals and it became the norm. As I began exploring my spirituality, I watched less and less TV and at the beginning of the year I did an experiment of not watching TV at all for two months and found I didn’t miss it. I think watching a small amount is ok. I now watch a little bit of TV and always get guided to the right movie or specific programme that has an inspiring message that I need to hear. It’s quite interesting to observe. Have a great weekend ❤

    • Hi Lisa~I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ve now been without that expensive cable for a little while now and I am really not missing it! And, the shows that I love to watch can be found on the internet. I think deep down inside I knew I needed to let all that TV watching go if I wanted to spend more time focusing on my spirituality and writing, but there was never a push to pull the plug. The Universe knew something drastic needed to happen in order to get me to let the cable go. I got yet one more $176 bill for the last month…more affirmation I made the right decision. After this last bill, I should only have a bill for the internet, and I cannot wait! I hope you’re having a great week. Chat with you soon! ~Kim

      • Hi Kimberly my weekend was great thank you. I hope yours was too. I bet you will be so glad to see a cheaper bill from next month. I think it’s awesome what you’re doing. The Universe is surely guiding you through this 🙂 It’s been a very interesting week so far with life presenting me with opportunities all at once. So it’s a case of watch this space, as they say 🙂 Have an awesome week and yes chat soon. Blessings, Lisa

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