Abundant Life Initiative is Back!


Hi Sweet Souls! I know it has been a long while since I last posted on this blog. I’ve been a little like the prodigal son – going on a different spiritual path and in turn realizing I am ready to come back home to my original website, abundantlifeinitiative.com.

I’ve been busy recording YouTube videos under the name Abundant Life Tarot, building my website and business Abundant Life Shop/Abundant Life Tarot, and offering tarot/oracle readings for clients. That is a far cry different than where I first began when I first started this blog site, abundantlifeinitiative.com. But, it is time to come back to my roots, where all my spiritual nourishment and journeying came from.

What’s to Come:  

More Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Boho, and perhaps a video/blog series on my natural hair journey – which surprisingly is kind of spiritual. My most exciting venture yet is on demand guided affirmation and guided meditation videos/MP3s to be downloaded from my site and Etsy store. These guided meditation/affirmations are tailored made for the client and their desired goals/needs. I am going to be creating meditation nature sound downloads and meditations songs for my clients.

In the very near future, crystals will be sold on AbundantLifeTarot.com and my Etsy store AbundantLifeShop. This site may feature a few of my favorite crystals from time to time, but rest assured, this site will remain true to form and discuss how to use crystals to manifest desires. Not just pretty collectible baubles, these crystals will be curated and blessed for each customer. For those who’d like, a written oracle reading uniting you and your crystal will be included with your purchase.

There will be cross pollination between Abundant Life Initiative and Abundant Life Tarot, with sharing various blog post/topics that cross into both areas – such as my Crystal Magic in the Everyday Video Series.

It feels so good to be back! Thanks for continuing on this journey with me.

You Curator of All Things Abundant, 

Kimberly Jo Cooley Hall



Law of Attraction at Work: Musu’s Season of Manifesting a New Job

The blog, Abundant Life Initiative was on brief hiatus, but I was still initiating an abundant life – more on that in future blogs. I’m back and I have brought along some friends who are initiating their own abundant lives.

Today, Musa Bangura shares a personal story on manifesting a new job – Law of Attraction in theory into practice. Check out Musu’s own blog at New3Creation Writing – http://new3creationservices.wordpress.com/, New3Creation Wellness – http://new3creation.blogspot.com/ and Twitter: @new3Creation. Thank you very much Musu for your contribution to AbundantLifeInitiative.

My Experience with the Law of Attraction

March 10th, the day I made a decision. It was another turn in this journey of life. I was tired and frustrated with my present situation as far as my career went. It felt like I was stuck beneath a glass ceiling where I could see the greener pastures but just couldn’t breakthrough to get through to them. My upbringing taught me the principles of Christianity and how I had to pray and have faith for anything I wanted. Well, life has taught me it doesn’t exactly work that way. The concept of praying and waiting was wrong and there was more to it than that. I remembered a previous conversation I had with someone about the Law of Attraction and decided to look it up and research it. The concept of creative power and placement in the universe just struck me and I decided to try it for myself. I had reached a point when I was determined to make changes, especially if it meant going beyond my comfort zone.

So on this day in March, I grabbed a notebook and pen to make a list (I’m a list person). But I didn’t simply write down what I wished. I wrote down what was going to happen. You see, I realized that it was going to take more than wishing…I had to tap into a place of knowing. I will explain. I wanted/needed a better job ASAP. I was working hard and doing my best to stand out and hopefully get recognized for it, but that didn’t get me anywhere. I had been looking for a promotion for years, but it felt like I was going around in circles, just getting minimal pay raises on an annual basis. I had been on interviews and impressed recruiters, but there was always someone who would beat me at the very end of the process. So I was at a point where I would no longer wish, because I knew what I wanted, which was to be promoted. I had worked for it, I knew my worth and I knew what was supposed to happen for me. That’s what rejection and disappointment did to me – they didn’t consume me. They had indeed built me up. Now I was at a point where I could write down “I have my promotion” on the top of my list. Once I saw it on paper, I began to ingrain it in my mind to the point where I would visualize myself sitting in a new office at a new job. I did it every day as I continued to apply and go on interviews. Then in the second week of April, I got a phone call for an interview. I jumped at the opportunity to go for it, with the excitement of finally getting the job offer I wanted. The interview went well and it would’ve been a move up for me, but I wasn’t fully satisfied. The salary was definitely more, but not the actual increase I envisioned. I continued to envision – seeing myself in the job that I actually wanted.

May 15th – there was another job interview lined up for me. By this time, my mindset had started to change. There was a new sense of confidence because I was taking time out of each day to see myself in the new place of promotion. It became easier to block out the negativity I was facing in my present situation. I knew what I wanted to experience and I was preparing myself just for that. The interview went well but I still had some inner battles to fight. This job was ideal; the pay, exposure and office set up were everything I was looking for. Yes, they were impressed with my experience and knowledge, but would they hire me? I had to consistently fight the self-doubt and fear and remind myself of where I was headed. This was the hardest part, what I like to call “the in-between” where you’re in the middle of the beginning and end point of a goal you’re reaching.

May 23rd – I received a phone call for a job offer. I was excited, but not thrilled because it wasn’t the job I was actually aiming for. It was the job with the lower pay. I hadn’t heard from the actual job that I wanted but was determined to land that one. So even though I accepted the job offer, my thoughts were still towards the position I actually wanted. I hadn’t heard back from them but I still continued to meditate on where I was headed. As far as I was concerned, I was in my actual promotion. As the next couple of weeks passed, the company that gave me the job offer was ready to give me a start date. I wasn’t ready to give them one. I kept stalling them and was very slow to return their calls. At some point, I finally called them and declined the offer even though I hadn’t heard back from the preferred job yet. Simply put, I wanted that second job and would not rest until I heard back from them.

June 4th – I received a phone call that confirmed everything for me. I was offered a job at the company that had everything on my wish list. I was elated that it finally happened, especially since I knew I had worked towards it. The Law of Attraction definitely came into play and worked for me. This experience gave me a new sense of myself and capabilities. I learned a beautiful feature of my mind that I wasn’t aware of before and it felt great.

So why did it work? Why did the job finally come through for me? There were several things going on as I used the Law of Attraction to make things work:

  • I wrote it down. Writing is powerful in many ways. Writing down a particular goal can put it in motion because you’re seeing it on paper which puts your mind to work.
  • I was aware of what I was creating. A lot of the times we want things, but aren’t aware of what’s involved with what we want. With this promotion, I knew there were higher standards and more responsibilities so I had to prepare myself for that. Now that it’s here the transition has been smooth and successful.
  • With meditation, I connected with the creation and made it a part of my mind and soul. I did this every day, sometimes twice a day especially before I went to bed. I wanted that vision to be the last thing on my mind before going to sleep.
  • I welcomed the fear. Yes, I didn’t fight the fear because I learned that it was normal. Fear is just like any other emotion and there’s nothing wrong with experiencing it. I just made sure I didn’t feed it and let it control me or my situation.

If you’re looking to apply the Law of Attraction to an area of your life, be sure to have an awareness of yourself and clearly define what you want. I could’ve settled for the first job, but it wasn’t what I saw while meditation. I made the goal very clear and didn’t settle for anything else. The same can happen for you – or even better.

~Musu Bangura, introduction by Kimberly Jo Cooley

Guest Blogging and Curating with Abundant Life Initiative

Image courtesy of domdeen, published on 20 February 2011 Stock Photo - image ID: 10031199, from http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of domdeen, published on 20 February 2011
Stock Photo – image ID: 10031199, from http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

AbundantLifeInitiative blog wants to spread the word of abundant living and would like to collaborate with guest bloggers and/or guest curators to reach out to more readers. Here’s my invitation for guest bloggers and guest curators to post on my blog, https://abundantlifeinitiative.com/. Please find the easy submission guidelines below.

I’m available for consultation on various topics and areas, such as all areas of abundant living, spirituality, law of attraction, and the New Thought movement. To collaborate or consult with me, send an email to KimberlyJoCooley@aol.com. I am especially helpful in curating inspirational Podcasts, books, MP3s in all life’s areas that you just don’t have the time or energy to search and sort through. I also curate  style and home trends for the budget conscious Spiritualista.

Guest Curators:

Curators search for and compile interesting, visually tantalizing images and lists that engage/inspire readers. Curators do not necessarily need to write full blog posts, but it is helpful if guest curators have selected images for their post. I am in need of guest curators for the following AbundantLifeInitiative blog departments:

  • Spiritualista’s Guide to Fashion
  • Abode
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Break Bread (Recipes, Beverages and dining tips) Urgent Need
  • Spiritualista’s Guide to Fashion
  • Love and Relationships (with a Law of Attraction or Spiritual touch)
  • Poems and Prose
  • Prosperity
  • Where in the World…(travel and leisure) Urgent Need (posts on local towns, as well as distant, far away destination blogs okay)
  • Law of Attraction and New Thought Movement
  • Recommendations and Shout Outs
  • Your Spiritual Calling

Guest Blogging Submission Guidelines:

I am looking for inspirational blog posts and poems, from an authentic and revealing perspective. The guest blogger can write about spirituality and spiritual practices, dining, traveling, fashion and home décor/living. This blog’s goal is to inspire the reader to live their unique and abundant life.

How to submit a guest post:

You don’t have to write a guest post in its entirety before you submit. Just follow the three steps below to get started:

  1. List a blog title. If you have other working titles, feel free to list those in the post’s outline.
  2. Write an outline of the post you plan to write. If you already have a post in mind, no need to do an outline, just submit the blog post via email.
  3. Email your post title and outline/post to KimberlyJoCooley@aol.com.

If we’ve got a collaborative match, then I will ask for the following items:

  1. A short bio of yourself.
  2. Your personal website information and other social media connections (such as Facebook, Twitter handle, etc.) so followers can connect with you.
  3. If we have an ongoing collaboration, I will set up a user account for you to be able to upload your own guest blog posts to the website.

Want to Work with Kimberly Jo or Guest Blog for Your Blog?

If you’d like to collaborate with me on writing posts for your blog or you’d like to simply exchange content and ideas, email me. I am looking forward to you learning from your experiences and finding ways to initiate an abundant life for all of us.

~Your Curator of all Things Abundant, Kimberly Jo Cooley