That Cali Life…

Image courtesy of porbital, from

Image courtesy of porbital, from

There’s something magical about being in California – there’s an air of adventure, wonderment, and beauty that envelops the daydreams of natives and visitors alike.

I hail from beautiful Northern California and my passion for my state is unabashed and free flowing. My “California Love” Pinterest Board has hundreds of photos

The ever present sunshine, an abundant array of cultures, great food, and awesome views, California captures the imagination, as we know there are countless songs that sing the praises of this great state. I can drive to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego. I can dip my toes in icy Lake Tahoe. I can hike in Gold Country or in the massive Redwood Groves of the North Coast (my absolute favorite thing to do). I can chill in at a tucked away jazz club, while I sip an espresso in our college towns.

Etsy has a Californian-whimsical-anything-sells-and-goes feel, just like our street vendors who reign our city and towns’ streets.

Those who dare to live in California, know there’s no other place like it.

So, it’s no wonder there’s an affinity to create clothing and home décor that represents this great, beautifully diverse and alluring state. Even the curve of our borders oozes wild sex appeal! Here’s some California inspiration from our vendors from

Etsy seller: PaperFinchDesign. California print, $12.

Etsy seller WoodKeeps. California Dreamin’ Wood Coasters, $34.50.

Etsy seller WeLoveCalifornia. California Grown Globe Zip Up Sweatshirt, $34.

Etsy Seller WeLoveCalifornia. Gold CA Love Necklace, $34.

Etsy seller MonkandHoney. California coffee table and bench, $900+. Ships from Fullerton, California.

Etsy seller CaliforniaRustic. California Flag Hat Rack, $66.

Etsy seller thePathLessTraveled. California silhouette luggage tags, $3.90.

~Your Curator of All Things Californian, Kimberly Jo Cooley


Where in California…? Orick, California!

The above Youtube video captures my family’s trip to Orick, California in Humboldt County, filmed by my husband. The gentleman playing the guitar, is my father Billy Joe Cooley (that’s his original song on the “soundtrack” of our video).

Nothing can rival the beauty and tranquility that is found in the coast of Northern California. I am blessed to be a Northern Californian native and have access to some of the most amazing, most spiritual places on earth. I am a tree hugger in the sense that I love to be in the presence of big trees, the Redwoods. The wisdom of those old trees can be felt in the air. The air is crisp, oxygenized, unspoiled and sweet with the aroma of green and ocean (not that kind of green!). I have stayed in a lovely cabin twice near the Big Trees of Humboldt, County, or specifically, Orick, California. Orick is about a five to six hour drive from Sacramento. I’d much rather drive up the coast for six hours, than six hours down to grid locked Los Angeles.

Next up, you will find another Youtube video filmed on the quaint little town of Orick, California, which inspired me to detail my travels in photos I took of my trips there further down in this blog:

Check out some photos I snapped on my adventures in 2009 and 2010 in Orick, California:

Elk in pastor

Elk in the pastor near the ocean.

Elk right outside the window

Elk right outside the cabin’s window.

Elk in Orick 2

Elk in our back yard of the rented cabin, in Orick, California.

Elk in our back yard of the rented cabin, in Orick, California.

A controversial, but fun tourist spot.

A controversial, but fun tourist spot.

My son near the ocean.

My son near the ocean.

My dad and son getting in some fishing at some of the smaller water holes near the ocean.

My dad and son getting in some fishing at some of the smaller water holes near the ocean.

A must stay is at Redwood Adventures Cabins near Orick, California. Fully stocked, cozy, and at the same time expansive, three bedroom cabins will entice you to stay indoors, when there’s so much to see and do near the coast. The inn keepers have a host of activities you can do: bike rentals, hiking, site seeing, fishing, beach combing – you name it, they probably have a connection or a direct tour just for you.  Check out for deluxe and affordable lodging. The inn keepers at Redwood Adventure Cabins are angels and really keeps the cabin rentals in turnkey and highly comfortable conditions. There’s no “roughing it” when you’re staying in these cabins!

The pictures do not do this locale justice – it really is my go to sanctuary to meditate, clear my mind, and get in touch with the inner me. Limited to no cell phone connection means you are truly free to explore your mind and the beauty that nature has to offer.

-Curator of all things beautiful, Kimberly Jo Cooley