Freedom and What it Means to You Today

America has summertime holidays of freedom – Juneteenth commemorates the announcement of African American Slaves freed from slavery; we also celebrate freedom from British rule on the 4th of July. As we look upon these holidays as reminders of our freedom, we should also review what freedom means to each of us today, in terms of physical, emotional, financial and spiritual.

Have you assessed how free you are to be yourself? Do you feel restricted in any areas of your life? If so, what areas and where are these so-called restrictions coming from? Do they feel like outside forces crowding in on you or do you feel like it is yourself that limits the freedom you feel in a situation?

Make a list of what in your life right now allows you to feel as free as you can possibly be. Now, make another list of areas where you are restricted or feel in bondage. The things that make you feel free in some areas of your life has the ability to make you feel free in ALL areas of your life.

For example, you may feel free when you are writing stories, none of which are published yet. On the other hand, you may feel bonded and limited in your ability to make more money at the current job you have. When you start focusing your attention and intention on what is making you feel your true, authentic, abundant self, you are closer to living a life that is free and supportive of your desires. By sticking to writing your stories, you will get better and more confident to submit them to be published. Next thing you know, you are feeling free in a new area of your life – money is coming in from your publications! One area can bleed into other areas, both positively and negatively.

It is important to always check in with yourself on your freedom gauge in your life. How free do you feel in any given moment? How can you adjust that freedom gauge up in areas where it is turned all the way down? Visualize yourself turning up the freedom nozzle in your life and watch how your demeanor, mood and influence change.

The truth is, we are only as free as we believe or allow ourselves to be, no matter what outside forces are doing. Our beliefs shape how and what we feel about freedom. Yes, even those imprisoned can have a freedom state of mind.

In the spirit of freedom, assess how free you are today and what it will take for you to feel even more free from today forward. As God’s children, we are free. Now, it’s time for us to start expressing freedom in a new and powerful way.

~Your Curator of All Things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley


Eliminating Limiting Beliefs in 4 steps

Image courtesy of By Prakairoj, published on 05 December 2013 - image ID: 100221813, from By Prakairoj, published on 05 December 2013  Stock Image - image ID: 100221813, from

Image courtesy of By Prakairoj, published on 05 December 2013 – image ID: 100221813, from By Prakairoj, published on 05 December 2013
Stock Image – image ID: 100221813, from

Last week, I discussed positive affirmations and reasons why they may or may not work. One of the obstacles to successful manifestation is a person holding a “limiting belief.” Limiting beliefs are thoughts we hold, whether on the conscious or sub-conscious level that limits or diminishes our experiences.

Affirmations are an awesome way to focus your mind on what it is you want to manifest, but a limiting belief will block your blessing.

Our thoughts and beliefs have power. Thoughts shape our feelings, which then colors our responses with shades of our inner beliefs, moment to moment. If we are proclaiming in one breath, “I am wealthy,” but thinking the limiting belief “I never make enough money” or “others are luckier in money matters than myself,” then we will never manifest a state of wealth, all because of the limiting belief. You have to eradicate the limiting belief in order for the positive thought to take hold and manifest.

  1. The first step to eradicating the limiting belief is quickly assessing your thoughts. Are you feeling a certain pang of guilt for whatever reason from a thought? Do you find yourself justifying why you’re in a negative situation? Do you blame others or situations as to why you’re in a less desirable experience? On the other hand, do you find yourself beating yourself up (“I should be further along in xyz by now”)? Do you find yourself agreeing with the status quo (“Only xyz people get high paying jobs.”)? Chances are, you are holding limiting beliefs in your thoughts. It will keep you in a stuck position – between what you don’t want and what you do want. Unless you have your thoughts in check, your negative beliefs will rule instead of your positive ones.
  2. When looking at an area of your life, write down all aspects of it – the good and the not so good. Give it the 360 degree view treatment, by looking at all its angles. A 360 degree view of your situation will reveal more than just the negative, lopsided lenses we seem to love to view our lives through.  
  3. Relax and forgive yourself by realizing you are creating these moments, and they are here to teach and guide you towards what it is you do want. Just as you created a moment of frustration, you can create a moment of reflection and positive re-direction to a new, better thought.
  4. Don’t dwell too much on the limiting belief because it’s not necessary. All that is important is realizing one has popped up and begin replacing it with a new thought. Dwell in the solutions, rather than the limiting beliefs or the problems.

Take Aways:

  • It is always about getting your mind and spirit into alignment with what you want.
  • A limiting belief can be counted on to guide you to what it is you really do want.
  • A limiting belief will cancel out a positive, new belief you’ve introduced to your mind.
  • With practice, eradicating limiting beliefs will become easier, as well as calling on new, better thoughts to replace the old ones.
  • Get comfortable with your inner thoughts, but don’t dwell in  diminishing and negative beliefs. Instead, look at everything in your life from a 360 degree view.

~Your Curator of all things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley