Forever 21 Shows All of Us Some Love

Forever 21 has got all sized the ladies covered with their Love 21 and Plus size lines. This clothing store boasts a huge selection both online and at their brick and mortar stores and are known for cheap prices and on trend styles. They made a wise decision by catering to the thirtyish crowd and to the plus size ladies. Here’s a list of winter wardrobe additions that will have all of us spritualistas looking stylish this winter:

Courtesy of (on sale)

Courtesy of, on sale now

Courtesy of and on my Christmas List 🙂

Courtesy of, on sale for $18!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of’s Love21 collection

Courtesy of, from their Love 21 collection

Courtesy of, from their Plus Sizes collection and on sale!

Courtesy of, from their Plus Size Collection

Your Everyday Spiritual Warrior, Kim Cooley