Guest Blogging and Curating with Abundant Life Initiative

Image courtesy of domdeen, published on 20 February 2011 Stock Photo - image ID: 10031199, from

Image courtesy of domdeen, published on 20 February 2011
Stock Photo – image ID: 10031199, from

AbundantLifeInitiative blog wants to spread the word of abundant living and would like to collaborate with guest bloggers and/or guest curators to reach out to more readers. Here’s my invitation for guest bloggers and guest curators to post on my blog, Please find the easy submission guidelines below.

I’m available for consultation on various topics and areas, such as all areas of abundant living, spirituality, law of attraction, and the New Thought movement. To collaborate or consult with me, send an email to I am especially helpful in curating inspirational Podcasts, books, MP3s in all life’s areas that you just don’t have the time or energy to search and sort through. I also curate  style and home trends for the budget conscious Spiritualista.

Guest Curators:

Curators search for and compile interesting, visually tantalizing images and lists that engage/inspire readers. Curators do not necessarily need to write full blog posts, but it is helpful if guest curators have selected images for their post. I am in need of guest curators for the following AbundantLifeInitiative blog departments:

  • Spiritualista’s Guide to Fashion
  • Abode
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Break Bread (Recipes, Beverages and dining tips) Urgent Need
  • Spiritualista’s Guide to Fashion
  • Love and Relationships (with a Law of Attraction or Spiritual touch)
  • Poems and Prose
  • Prosperity
  • Where in the World…(travel and leisure) Urgent Need (posts on local towns, as well as distant, far away destination blogs okay)
  • Law of Attraction and New Thought Movement
  • Recommendations and Shout Outs
  • Your Spiritual Calling

Guest Blogging Submission Guidelines:

I am looking for inspirational blog posts and poems, from an authentic and revealing perspective. The guest blogger can write about spirituality and spiritual practices, dining, traveling, fashion and home décor/living. This blog’s goal is to inspire the reader to live their unique and abundant life.

How to submit a guest post:

You don’t have to write a guest post in its entirety before you submit. Just follow the three steps below to get started:

  1. List a blog title. If you have other working titles, feel free to list those in the post’s outline.
  2. Write an outline of the post you plan to write. If you already have a post in mind, no need to do an outline, just submit the blog post via email.
  3. Email your post title and outline/post to

If we’ve got a collaborative match, then I will ask for the following items:

  1. A short bio of yourself.
  2. Your personal website information and other social media connections (such as Facebook, Twitter handle, etc.) so followers can connect with you.
  3. If we have an ongoing collaboration, I will set up a user account for you to be able to upload your own guest blog posts to the website.

Want to Work with Kimberly Jo or Guest Blog for Your Blog?

If you’d like to collaborate with me on writing posts for your blog or you’d like to simply exchange content and ideas, email me. I am looking forward to you learning from your experiences and finding ways to initiate an abundant life for all of us.

~Your Curator of all Things Abundant, Kimberly Jo Cooley