Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Recommendations

We’ve been exploring different themes, and this week’s focus will be on sustaining alignment with the flow of life.

I cannot recommend Rae Zander’s Everyday Attraction Podcast enough! Due to my work schedule, I never get to listen to her live Friday, 10 AM show on Unity.FM at http://www.unity.fm/program/EverydayAttraction, but her podcasts are still the highlight of my week. She has a firm grasp on all things New Thought, Law of Attraction and Manifestation. She and her co-host Heather, listen to Esther Hicks/Abraham workshop sound bites and have deeper discussions on raising your vibrational frequency to that which you want. On her February 7th podcast, she discusses how to get and stay connected with Source, “consciously and with focus.” Please check her out on iTunes for all of Everyday Attractions podcasts, but in particular her latest four shows. Her discussions will transform your life!

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Reverend Georgia of West Sacramento’s Center for Spiritual Awareness,  recommended the book, “In the Flow of Life,” by Eric Butterworth. What struck me in Butterworth’s message was “the inlet and outlet of the Infinite Flow of God” is within you and me. We will always be an inlet of God’s energy, but we also need to be an outlet, otherwise, we get sick. To be in alignment is to understand that what flows and grows in us, must flow out.  I have purchased this book and will be posting my observations in future blogs. From the samplings and what Reverend Georgia had to say about this book, Eric Butterworth writes in a plain, beautiful way that really explains how and why we do best in the flow of life. Here’s a sampling of the table of contents:

  1. Living Life from Within-Out
  2. The Healing Stream
  3. The Reality of Affluence
  4. The Effusion of Light
  5. The Art of Getting Along
  6. The Wellspring of Giving
  7. Life Comes to Pass
  8. To Grow Old or Grow Onward
  9. Life, Death, and Rebirth

Matt & Phil’s January 28, 2014 show, “Understanding Allowing – What Is It? Why is It Important?” I am convinced that we all are connected through divinity and this podcast is timely and in alignment with the Universal message of finding and staying in the flow. Matt and Phil understands how to take day to day experiences and juice the metaphysical nectar from them, so we all can relate and understand. Check them out at http://mattandphilshow.com/ or on iTunes.

Image courtesy of http://mattandphilshow.com/.

~Your Curator of all things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley


Shout Outs: Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, February 10, 2014 Shout Outs:

I have just sat down with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and my husband snapped a picture of me pre-dive-in.

My Shout Outs go to: Me! I exercised patience, persistence and peace when my plans for a birthday lunch fell through. I found a way to stay in the flow of life and to remain in alignment with my Greater Self, which is a birthday gift in and of itself. I did not allow my present circumstances to knock me off course or take my peace and happiness away.

  • I planned a birthday lunch for myself at one of my favorite crab eateries with my parents, sister, niece, daughter, son, husband and a couple of girl friends.
  • A rain storm blew in, so my husband and daughter stayed home.
  • My dad called in sick and my mom wasn’t going to get out in the storm.
  • My sister wanted to still go, but no sense in having her drive 30 minutes to the south side of town.
  • I went on my own to church and fantasized about crab all through the sermon. I left church and headed to The Boiling Crab, for a take out order.
  • I got to the counter, and realized my wallet was not with me.
  • I forgot my wallet when I changed purses (wondered why my purse was so light!).
  • The cashier and the manager refused to have my son text me a picture of my driver’s license or to call in an order over the phone – something to do with a lot of fraud in the area, etc.
  • I had my mouth and heart set on some crab. The old, younger me, would have raised holy hell. The newer, wiser, older me, was determined not to get out of my flow.
  • I went home, regrouped, ate a delicious sandwich, loaded up my iPod with my favorite radio host’s podcast and headed back to Boiling Crab.
  • I got my spicy sauced crab and shrimp (the Whole Shebang-mild flavor is to die for!).
  • I headed home, but first dropped off some crab to my dad’s and swung by the grocery store for a bottle of wine.
  • I set up my collection of crab eating utensils and toasted the occasion.
  • I ate until I burst.
  • I watched the season premier of Walking Dead. I fell asleep a happy woman.

    With the exception of the blue and black crab cutters from The Boiling Crab, the rest of my utensils are from Crate and Barrel.

Here’s to my newer, more patient and happier self.

The spiciest, yummiest snow crab legs!

Sacramento’s Boiling Crab. This is how good this crab is: I knew all I wanted to do for my birthday was eat crab from The Boiling Crab.

~Your Curator of all things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley