What is Alignment?

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti, published on 26 December 2009 Stock Photo - image ID: 10010934

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti, published on 26 December 2009 Stock Photo – image ID: 10010934, from http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

We all have a connection to God or Source Energy. That connection can be fraught with knots, bumps and muddiness. Or, that connection can be pure, untangled, and free-flowing. Alignment is your mental, spiritual, physical self being congruent to the connection to your Source.

When your connection is muddied with limiting beliefs, a need to always be the fixer or saver, doubt, worry, jealousy, and lack of direction, the flowing Grace of God takes longer to get to you what it is you want. Alignment is the easier path. You can always have a treacherous journey, but why, when you can have ease and flow in your life?

In order to be in alignment, you have to know why you’re here or your purpose, who you are, and your true, basic desires.  This means you have to do some inner work, know your purpose and your true desires, for once you know them, you will then know when you are not in alignment. You also have to be confident in the inner voice inside you or your intuition. That inner voice is your Inner Guide speaking to you, guiding you step by step. Listen when you’ve asked for something and have faith the answers are already within you from your Source. When you believe, you realize there is no lack in your life, and alignment will occur from that belief.

Creating a vision board and allowing your Inner Guide to lead you to the photos and images to your board is one step to gaining clarity on who you are and what you want. You can also journal what makes your soul sing, your dreams and aspirations for yourself and the world around you. This can be a very fun process.

The pain comes when you are being and doing things that are out of “alignment” with who you are and what you want. Be a creator in your life, not always a reactor.

Here are some everyday examples of being in and out of alignment:

  • As an adjuster, I volunteered each month as an arbitrator to hear liability cases, when other adjusters claimed they were too busy to do it. It was a part of my job that I enjoyed the most and wanted more of it. I put on my vision board images that represented doing arbitration full-time. When my claims adjuster bosses told me I needed to  give up volunteering because we were getting too many claims to spare me once a month to volunteer, I politely, but firmly said, “no.” They backed off and allowed me to continue to volunteer. An arbitration specialist position opened up in a different department. I applied for it and was denied the position. A few weeks later, another arbitration position opened up. My intuition told me to apply for that position, despite my bruised ego from the first rejection. I ignored the ego and listened to my inner voice. I was hired and now work as an arbitration specialist, doing the very thing I enjoyed most from my previous job.
  • The department I work in has a lot of people who work early shifts, like starting at six or seven A.M. Despite my own inclination to being a late morning person, I listened to my ego’s “should” voice. “You should start earlier so you can leave with the rest of the group.” I was coming to work on time for a while, but over time, my true, inner desire poked through when I was ten minutes late for work everyday. Today, I made the decision to email my boss to ask her to start at 9 AM. She agreed to it, and now I feel in alignment again. I could feel myself being out of alignment when I was rushing to work every morning, cursing out any unfortunate soul who dared changed lanes in front of me.

Get to know your desires and BECOME them, because they hold your power to staying in alignment. When you are in alignment, your true desires manifest. When you stop always listening to your ego voice, and instead listen to your intuition, you will find it easier to stay in your alignment with peace and happiness.

 For more, please watch a sermon from Reverend Georgia Prescott of West Sacramento’s Spiritual Awareness Center, on being in the flow of life:

~Your Curator of all things Inspirational, Kimberly Jo Cooley